The Original Nissan Z Is All The JDM Classic Hero Car You Want

You don’t have to be a hardcore JDM fan to really appreciate the appeal of a classic Nissan Fairlady 240Z.

Representing the beginning of the Z era for Nissan/Datsun, the 240Z offers a raw, much more stimulating driving experience when compared with equivalent modern metal and remains at the same time -but not for long- affordable and within reach for most petrolheads who search for their first vintage car.

Glenn Chiou owns a very rare in the U.S. 1972 Nissan 240Z-L in right-hand drive configuration, a car that’s been enhanced by installing period-correct aftermarket parts from the period Datsun competition catalog which were available only in Japan back then, creating a truly special vintage sports car.

“It’s driven like it would have been driven back in the day,” says Glenn. “It feels like it would have been back in the day, it smells like it would have been back in the day, and I think that’s ultimately what’s all about for me.”

Enjoy the video.