Two Men Brutally Assault Biker During UK Road Rage Incident [NSFW]

If you believe that the punishment should always fit the crime, then siding with this motorcyclist should be pretty straight-forward.

It’s one thing to get attacked out of the blue, and of course another thing to escalate the situation yourself by being aggressive and disrespectful to other people’s property. While both the biker as well as the Peugeot driver were at fault, things clearly shouldn’t have gotten to this point.

Looking at this clip from the beginning, we get to see a man riding along on his bike when all of a sudden he comes across a Peugeot 308 CC whose driver just can’t seem to decide on which lane to occupy. Sure, we’d all rather these people made up their minds instantly, and as annoying as it may be, it’s not a crime. Besides, it’s quite possible that the driver saw the bike approaching, which directly lead to him hesitating.

So the biker honks, the two exchange words, a finger gets flipped and suddenly the Peugeot comes around to the side of the motorcycle, pulling over at the next light. Unfortunately for those rooting for the biker, we can’t let him get away with kicking the car as it comes to a halt.

It might not have inflicted any damage, but you just can’t do that to somebody’s property and not expect any consequences.

What follows is that two gentlemen get out of the 308 a split second after the kick – which might lead us to believe that they were going to get out anyway – and immediately and brutally attack the biker, knocking him to the ground.

While some may like to think that they would lose their minds too if somebody kicked their car, something tells us that the kick simply amplified an already dangerous situation, since both of them were kind of looking for an altercation.

Of course, while you’re watching and drawing your own conclusions, do mind the explicit nature of the language used by these lads.