DMC Pushes The Envelope On The Lamborghini Huracan

In a mission to “make good things better”, DMC comes back with yet another Huracan.

DMC-branded Lambos seem to get madder with every iteration, and this particular example – called the Huracan LP610 “Cairo Edition” – kind of proves our point. The German tuner clearly has an affinity for the little raging bull, and the wide array of mods dedicated to it culminated in a stunning visual package.

With black accents enhancing its aggressive nature and complementing the orange hue at the same time, the Huracan looks as angry as ever, emphasizing the radical styling kit. The mascara around its resentful “eyes” is what draws the most attention, and it would have (normally) hinted that the vicious animal hides a lot more power than in stock form.

But this time DCM chose to concentrate specifically on the vehicle’s appearance, even though it hinted that the car presumably has around 630 hp at its disposal with the help of an engine optimization program, which is fairly close to the stock configuration. Still, we know that the tuner can push it well beyond 1,000 hp and 1,000 Newton meters (737 lb-ft) of torque, so there’s no point in getting tangled in numbers.

Like all of its previous designs, this too features the familiar rear wing with 3 angle settings (City Crusing, GT Track Day, and Fun Mode) along with the 10 page PDF document showcasing its carefully studied aerodynamics. It also has side skirts with added downforce for road stability, and a new full front lip spoiler with added side flaps.

The Huracan Ciro Edition sits on forged rims with a 20″/21″ setup that can be wrapped in P-Zero tires.