Mazda’s New Turbo Rotary Engine Reportedly Coming In 2017

The Mazda RX-8 was in production for 9 years, until 2012, and since it was discontinued, the company’s fans are still waiting for a proper replacement.

However, until we will see a successor for the sports car, Mazda has confirmed the development of a new rotary engine. Work started a few years back and now Motoring claims in a new report that it will be unveiled in 2017, quoting “sources close to Mazda”.

You will have to wait until 2017 to find out what powers this car”, said an “executive”. “That’s our rotary’s 50th anniversary year.”

If there’s a future Mazda RX-7, it will add the 16X code-named unit under its hood. The new engine is expected to develop well over 400hp and chances are it will power the rear wheels through a gearbox integrated into the rear axle to improve weight distribution.

The new engine will allegedly get a two-stage turbo system with an “electric turbo assist”, which will engage at low rpm, while the standard turbo will kick in at higher revs.

Engineers will employ a capacitor to beef up the rotary’s ‘instability’ at low rpm, and when boost pressure rises, a standard turbocharger will engage to keep the flow of power coming”, added the Mazda insider.

The new generation of the RX is expected to be inspired by the RX-Vision Concept, unveiled last month in Tokyo. The model is believed to keep its curb weight at less than 1,400kg (3,086 lbs). Chances are it will share the same platform with the new MX-5, with added rigidity so that the extra power won’t affect its handling.

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