New Toyota Prius Officially Rated At 70g/km Of CO2 Emissions And 94.2mpg UK

Toyota finally announced the official efficiency ratings of its all-new Prius hybrid model.

After the first unofficial announcement of the model’s environmental credentials, Toyota has announced that their new Prius is now officially rated at 70g/km of CO2 emissions, returning a combined average fuel consumption of 94.2mpg UK (3.0lt/100km – 52mpg EPA).

Toyota says that the final fuel economy figures are still subject to final homologation and might deviate slightly from market to market but you get the idea. The fourth generation of Toyota’s main hybrid player represents the biggest improvement on emissions performance and fuel economy over its predecessor since the original model launched in 1997.

This is also the first Toyota built upon the company’s so-called New Global Architecture platform (GA-C) which allows for a much lower center of gravity (-2.5cm), a 60 per cent improvement on the torsional stiffness of the bodyshell while the rear suspension now features double wishbones, securing that the new Prius is significantly better in the departments of handling and ride comfort than the car it replaces.

The re-engineered hybrid drivetrain uses the world’s most thermally efficient petrol engine, a 1.8-litre VVT-I Atkinson cycle unit which makes 97hp paired with a 71hp electric motor. The drivetrain is completed with a rear-mounted and more compact nickel-metal hydride battery pack (US models will also use a new lithium-ion battery). The total output of the new Toyota Prius is now rated at 120hp.

Toyota claims a 10.6 seconds for the classic 0-62mph (0-100km/h) procedure and a top speed of 112mph (180km/h). The classic highway overtaking manoeuvre from 80-120km/h can be accomplished in 8.3 seconds. The new Power Control Unit now uses more of the available electric power to make the acceleration feel more natural with the revs of the combustion engine building up gradually as the car picks up speed. This is also the first Prius that can tow a trailer, thanks to its 725kg towing capacity.

The traditional ‘eye-catching’ styling of the new Prius was partly commanded by aerodynamics as Toyota claims a very low 0.24 drag coefficient (Cd), with both the bodywork and the under-floor area featuring elements that help in smoothing the air flow over, under and away from the new model.

Orders for the new 2016 Toyota Prius are now open.


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