Pennzoil Comes Up With ‘Airlift Drift’ Prequel

If you loved Pennzoil’s original Airlift Drift video, mostly because of that yellow Challenger Hellcat laying down some serious rubber, maybe you’d like to know it all came to be.

What you’re about to see isn’t a “making of” type of thing, because in this video we’re going to stay in the same fictional world where the action took place originally.

Apparently, it all starts off rather Hollywood-like with an unknown individual (also the driver) playing what looks like a Formula 1 game at an arcade. Predictably enough, he receives a message and goes to pick up the key to that Challenger – obviously the red key.

After picking up the car from a parking garage, he goes on to do what you saw him do all those months ago. The footage is very dynamic, and we didn’t mind watching it again, though now that we think about it, those artificial gearbox noises do sound a little too Need For Speed-ish.

The 707 HP Challenger Hellcat might not be the most nimble car for any sort of “mission”, but it will certainly get the job done if your goal is to get rid of your rear wheels layer by layer, and send a message to people that you’re not afraid to drift while being airlifted by four helicopters.

Also, let’s not forget this is a Pennzoil ad, which means they’d really like us to think their motor oil would make your muscle car run even smoother. But if you’re not sold yet, just stay tuned until next time because it looks like there’s going to be even more to this story.


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