What Happens If The Airbag Goes Off When You’re Texting And Driving?

An airbag deploying right in your face can turn out to be extremely unpleasant if you’re holding your phone up between your face and the steering wheel.

Generally speaking, EverythingApplePro doesn’t do a lot of automotive related videos, but this time they make a couple of very strong points while also showing us the sheer force an airbag can have on a mobile phone if it comes in contact with it during deployment.

Initially, we see a couple of direct hits, with the phone placed right on top of the airbag and the one thing that’s immediately obvious is that we’re dealing with a lot of explosive power. This is one of the reasons why it’s generally not a great idea to sit too close to the steering wheel when you drive.

The video runs through a couple of quick tests before finally arriving at the most important demonstration – where we get to see a wooden “discount Buster” wearing a turkey for a head and sitting behind the wheel of an old Porsche 911.

As for the phone, you’re looking at the brand new Apple iPhone 6S (with multiple units being used & destroyed throughout the video) – so if you don’t like to see flagship smartphones being obliterated, maybe you should think twice before watching the video.

Speaking of which, we can’t help but feel like the execution could have been a little better, and while we know that this isn’t Mythbusters, we still didn’t exactly get to see if or how the phone made contact with the turkey after the airbag went off. Best guess would be that it flew right by, which is a little disappointing from a scientific perspective.

And let’s not forget that not everybody who texts and drives holds their phone up to their face. Some hold it near their lap or somewhere in between.

Anyway, while the ending is a bit anticlimactic, we can still easily imagine what would happen if the conditions were perfect for that phone to come in contact with a driver’s face. Do not text and drive.


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