2016 Nissan Altima Stands Out In ‘Born To Be’ Spot

With their latest Altima, Nissan is trying to get their customers to feel special, which isn’t the easiest thing in the world considering what type of vehicle this is.

Nothing against these cars, but when you’re dealing with mid-size non-premium family saloons in the US, you pretty much always know what you’re getting. The best you can look for is some state of the art safety systems and some good connectivity features.

As a matter of fact, with the 2016 Altima you get the NissanConnectSM with Mobile Apps and a sat-nav system to go with some pretty strong safety kit such as the Predictive Forward Collision Warning system (PFCW), the radar-based Blind Spot Warning system (BSW), Forward Emergency Braking (FEB), Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) and of course Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA).

But standing out in a crowd? Well, that’s not going to be as life-changing as this commercial would have you believe. The video is well made, and the car actually looks great, but it’s meant to inspire rather than to serve as a reminder of what you’re missing out on if you’re not planning to have an Altima parked in your driveway.

The video’s description even states that the footage represents two people who spend their lives “shining brighter than most and are drawn to each other’s light”, with some help from their Altima of course.

While the commercial is nicely put together, you probably shouldn’t rush towards your closest Nissan dealership without checking out what Ford and Toyota have to say in this segment with the Fusion and the Camry respectively.