2017 Nissan GT-R Brought Up To Date With Virtual Facelift

While Nissan is keeping most of its cards closed about the upcoming (final) facelift of the GT-R, this digital render shows us how the current Godzilla could -or should- be refreshed.

Today’s R35 generation of the mighty GT-R has been around since 2009, with Nissan updating the default supercar-killer on a yearly basis and introducing us the even more bonkers NISMO version. But visually, the Godzilla still looks almost the same since its first debut back in 2009.

While there are many people out there who think that the AWD Japanese powerhouse still looks fresh, others find the GT-R a bit dated, especially when compared with the latest crop of sportscars/supercars of the market.

Italian artist INDAV Design envisioned a brave facelift for the GT-R, one that doesn’t alter the original style but rather brings it up to date. The original front-end style remains but is now more stylish and light, with the side profile following the same example.

A set of new headlights and a new hood completed the face of the hypothetically facelifted R35 while the rear end gains new rear lights that add more character and a new diffuser incorporated in the bumper.

Nissan has scheduled a facelift for the R35 GT-R and already confirmed that the next generation of its iconic halo model will use a hybrid powertrain in order to drive the Internet crazy once again.

What do you think? Should Nissan take the R35 to the plastic surgeon?

Thanks to Indav Design for the pictures!