Alfa Romeo Giulia Fastback Looks Doable

The impressive Alfa Romeo Giulia returns to our attention with a couple of images that show how the high-performance model might look like in a new body style.

The Italian answer to the BMW M3, Mercedes-AMG C63 and others in the segment has received a few tweaks courtesy of Theophilus Chin. The modifications have transformed its body from a four-door sedan to a more practical five-door fastback. In order to achieve the more practical design of the Giulia, the roof has been elongated, increasing the rear headroom.

With BMW offering the 3-Series GT, such a version of the Giulia looks plausible, but keep in mind that the automaker didn’t announce any plans for it, so it’s just an exercise.

This isn’t the first time when we get to see how a different version of the Italian car might look like. Over the past few months it was envisioned as a CrossWagon, a coupe, a convertible and even a pickup truck.

The Giulia also gave birth, on the computer at least, to the Grigio, Alfa’s future E-Class and 5-Series competitor, a next-gen Giulietta with similar lines and a Mercedes GLC Coupe and BMW X4 rival.