Alfa Romeo Pushes Back Completion Of New Model Lineup From 2018 To 2020, Raises No Eyebrows

Alfa Romeo is currently in the midst of its global relaunch and re-introduction into the U.S. market. The Italian marque’s key new model launched is the 3-Series-rivalling Giulia sedan and, as part of Alfa’s future plans, a further seven models are set to be launched.

Unsurprisingly however, an official document has revealed that those models will arrive later than expected – again

Originally, Alfa Romeo was intending to launch all eight new models, including the Giulia, by 2018. Now, those models won’t arrive until mid-2020 at the earliest due largely to the slowdown in the Chinese market.

Additionally, reduced investment in Alfa Romeo from 2018 and the increased need for an expanding distribution network around the world are being blamed for the two year delay in the model roll out.

Beyond the Giulia, Alfa Romeo’s future model line-up will go as follows. Initially, two differently-sized SUVs, currently codenamed Tipo 949 and Tipo 962, will be launched. Soon after, an executive sedan (Tipo 961), most likely a BMW 5-Series rival, will hit the market. After that, a new sports car available in both Spider and Coupe guise will be released, as will an additional two compact models, one of which will be a replacement to the Giulietta.

While Alfa has decided to delay its new models, it is still confident that when all eight models hit the market, annual sales will rise from 80,000 units to the 400,000 mark. That’s great news. Unless they change the timetable. Yes, again