All-New E-Class vs Volvo S90 vs Jaguar XF: Which Has The Best Interior? [w/Poll]

Sometimes, the best thing about a premium saloon is the fact that it will make you feel like a million bucks, regardless of performance figures, handling and even the way in which the exterior looks.

What we have here are three direct rivals in the mid-size premium saloon segment, all of which have been launched this year and will be competing for our affection and our admiration as soon as the first comparison tests will begin surfacing.

But before any of that, we want to know which of these three models you think has the best interior. You can take into account how the materials look, how the surfaces work together and of course how the overall aesthetics of the entire cabin.

Gadgets count too, of course. The more the car is able to do, the better you tend to feel while behind the wheel, but beware that sometimes in order to find your ideal interior, all you have to do is look for a cabin that just helps you feel relaxed. Ambiance is crucial.

All-New Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Of course we’re starting off with the E-Class, because this bad boy is rocking the dual 12.3″ displays, touch control buttons on the steering wheel, a choice of 64 colors (lights) for personalizing the cabin, a new seat design and obviously all the radar-guided gadgets and safety equipment you need.

You also get a Remote Parking Pilot system similar to what the BMW 7-Series has to offer. Right off the bat, this is looking like a winner here, almost.

The tech isn’t everything, because we’re more interested in which interior you genuinely think looks better rather than which car has a slight technology advantage over the other.

All-New Volvo S90

If the XC90 managed to kick serious behind in 2015 thanks to its unbelievably gorgeous cabin, the S90 would have to probably follow in its footsteps, right? At this moment, there’s no reason to think that it wouldn’t because we’re talking about a car that’s as modern as it is efficient and elegant.

Now, while the S90 won’t park itself, it does feature the advanced semi-autonomous Pilot Assist system and a new City Safety system which can detect large animals on the road. All that stuff aside, the S90’s cabin seems to exude luxury, just like the XC90.

The Drive Mode selector is gorgeous, the start button is different but in a good way and the infotainment screen speaks for itself. Based on what we know from the XC90, the S90 should be a great car to spend time in.

All-New Jaguar XF

With the XF, it’s a bit of a “last but not least…but sort of” type of thing. You don’t really expect the world from it but on paper, it’s a heck of an achievement for Jaguar.

Inside the XF you’ll find a very simple atmosphere, though at the same time the cabin is elegant and arguably sportier than what you get from the Merc or the Volvo. Spend a little extra and you’ll fit your XF with a 12.3″ TFT infotainment display, rivaling that of the new E-Class – or at least one of them.

The XF’s interior also has new materials, an electric power assisted steering system and that rotary shifter for the automatic transmission that pops in and out of the console. If you’re simply a fan of this car, you’ll certainly come up with plenty of reasons to vote for its interior over the other two.

Time’s up though, let’s vote!

POLL: Which new interior do you like more?