Baby Blue Ferrari 458 Italia Destroyed In Chinese Crash

Another day and another supercar has been crashed. This latest incident happened near Shanghai, China and saw a baby blue Ferrari 458 Spider absolutely destroyed.

Apparently, the driver of the mid-engined Italian supercar lost control while passing through an intersection at high speed. The car then sped through a number of Armco barriers and a lamppost before coming to a rest after mounting the curb.

The damage sustained to the 458 is immediately clear. The entire rear fascia has been ripped off as has the engine cover leaving the 562 hp, 4.5-litre V8 engine completely exposed. One of the rear wheels and hubs is also missing with both severe exhaust and structural damage having been sustained by the car.

Additionally, one of the doors has been badly dented and while images of the front aren’t available, it seems likely it also suffered some damage. All told, the car is quite clearly a complete write-off.

Thankfully the female driver wasn’t injured in the crash.

Pictures via News 163