Bosch Unveils Advanced New Interior Concept For CES 2016

In the 2016 CES, Bosch will be one of the exhibitors displaying their high-tech products.

The highlight in its booth will be a specially-designed show car, which showcases a dashboard filled entirely with touchscreens. Displays are also found on the door panels and stretching up the center console and the transmission tunnel.

All of the displays have been designed to help minimize driver distraction and to do this, Bosch has developed a touchscreen that can generate different surface textures when pressed. This means specific elements on the screen can be felt meaning drivers will be able to operate different systems within the infotainment system, including navigation and the radio, purely by touch and without having to actually look down at the display.

Additionally, the advanced interior is able to emit a special lighting sequence if a pedestrian is approaching the car. What’s more, Bosch’s “car of the future” will be linked up with the diary of the driver and any appointments they may have. If one appointment is cancelled, the car can automatically display a route to the next appointment.

Strangely enough, the organizers have already announced that the automotive supplier has received the Innovation Award for its project before the show even opens.

The company has also designed a connected infotainment system, which can link up to a smart phone and provide controls for a number of household functions such as heating and security systems.