Cabbie Attacks Uber Car During Canadian Demonstrations

Anti-Uber ride services protests in Toronto, Canada, have escalated to new heights, as a cab driver was filmed attacking an Uber driver.

It’s the same old story with cabbies demonstrating against Uber, blaming the transportation network company for flouting the regulation. And, as always, things go out of hand pretty fast, mainly due to the frustration and anger towards the system.

Granted, this time bricks weren’t thrown, cars weren’t flipped over or set on fire, but a taxi driver, who goes by the name Suntharesan Kanagasabai, decided to confront an Uber driver in a violent manner to prove the man doesn’t have the right credentials to carry people in his car.

Mr Kanagasabai told CBC News – the news station that filmed the incident – that he wanted the Uber driver to roll down the window and talk, but the way we see it, the man was geared up for a confrontation as he stormed to the driver side door and tried to open it… and then tried to smash the window, but not before pounding his fist against the car’s hood.

To make things even more edgy, the Honda driver – probably startled by the potential mob that was gathering around the car and the violent actions of the cabbie – accelerated the vehicle while the aggressor clung to the door. Needless to say, the cabbie got a free ride for approximately 20 meters,