Citroen Reveals All-Electric E-Mehari Buggy, On Sale Next Year

Citroen revealed a new electric model called E-Mehari, reviving its historic nameplate with a four-seater convertible / SUV bodystyle.

The electric powertrain of the new E-Mehari comes from the collaboration between Citroen and the Bollore Group, featuring a 30kWh Lithium Metal Polymer battery pack which makes it, according the company, immune to weather conditions while giving the vehicle a longer range. This by the way is rated at 124 miles (200km) in city conditions while top speed sits at 68mph (110km/h).

The new E-Mehari can be fully recharged in eight hours on a 16A socket or in 13 hours on a domestic 10A socket. The soft top can be folded away to release more space.

The French company went for a simple, clean look for the new E-Mehari, paying tribute to the original 2CV-based 1968 model which was loved for its simplicity and ruggedness. Citroen  previewed its intentions with the similarly-minded Cactus M Concept showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Citroen plans to offer an extensive list of customization options to its customers, including four body colors (blue-orange-yellow-beige), two roof colors (black and orange-red), two cabin trim colors (beige and orange-red) which are also completely waterproof as they are made out of plastic-coated fabric. Citroen will give the option to create your own combination freely with the above options.

The new Citroen E-Mehari will be launched in France during the spring of 2016 and will reach other European markets by the end of 2016.