Daihatsu Takes Copen Customization To The Next Level With Three New Concepts

A little over a year after it went on sale in Japan, Daihatsu’s reborn Copen roadster returns to the Tokyo Auto Salon with a trio of conceptual costumes.

The second generation of Daihatsu’s small roadster is currently available in its home market in three distinct versions named ‘Robe’, ‘XPLAY’ (which is a tougher looking iteration of the former with body cladding) and ‘Cero’, all of which can be transformed into each other through interchangeable body parts.

At next month’s Tokyo Auto Salon, which is not to be confused with the bi-annual Tokyo Motor Show held in October or November, as the former is primarily for tuning and dress-up parts, and the latter, a regular new car show, Daihatsu will present the Cerro Coupe, Robe Shooting Brake and Adventure concepts of the Copen.

The first two studies add fixed tops on the respective versions of the regular Copen, with the Cerro getting a sleeker roof that kind of makes it resemble a…poor man’s Alfa 4C from the back, while the Robe has a more practical and squared ‘Shooting Brake’ roof, complete with a rear hatch.

The third concept, called the Copen Adventure, is teased through a sketch, with Daihatsu stating that it will transform the standard model into a taller-riding speedster with “SUV elements”.

The Japanese firm did not say whether it has any production plans for the new body parts.