Driver Tries To Time Travel, Crashes Dodge Challenger

The “Back to the future” celebrations have kept movie fans busy this year, but it seems that some guys take it to the extreme every once in a while.

While Doc and Marty used a DeLorean to travel through time, a man in Pensacola, Florida, thought that a Dodge Challenger might work too. Leaving all puns aside, the American crashed the muscle car through the front wall of Advanced Tax Services, coming to a stop halfway through the back wall.

Channel 3 reports that the unidentified man told the police that he was trying to time travel. Luckily, the incident happened on a Sunday, when no employees were in the office. However, a lot of computers and furniture suffered extensive damage.

It looked like a bomb went off“, said the General Manager of Advanced Tax Services, Emanuel Mores, to Channel Three, who added: “I was mad, then eventually I was happy no one was hurt. You know that was my biggest concern cause, you know, if anyone was hurt, anybody could have died or whatever.”

After the incident, the tax office will move next door and so will a casket business, which was also affected. The man who attempted to time travel was uninjured and taken to the hospital for evaluation, before being charged with reckless driving.