Gumpert Apparently Purchased By Hong Kong Investors

After falling into bankruptcy in 2013 little has been heard from Gumpert, but it is seems it may still be alive.

The niche automaker has reportedly been purchased by a group of Hong Kong investors. According to GTspirit, they are clients of SPS Automotive Performance, .

While it appears that Gumpert could be revived, still the story is far from over.

At this stage, the plans of the investors remain unknown. For example, there is no word on whether they intent to continue the projects Gumpert was working on before its bankruptcy. These included both the Tornate and Explosion sports cars intended to replace the company’s first model, the Apollo.

At the time of the Apollo’s launch in 2008, it became the fastest car to lap the Top Gear test track and was the fastest production car to lap the Nurburgring, recording a 7:11.57 lap.