Honda And Mugen Reveal Five Concepts For Tokyo Auto Salon

Honda and Mugen have unveiled the five concepts they will be debuting at Tokyo’s Auto Salon in a couple of weeks time.

Certainly the craziest of all the concepts is based around the 2015 Civic Type R. Mugen has designed and developed a range of new aerodynamic elements for the potent hatchback. Such bespoke components include an extended front splitter with large aero elements on the sides and connecting to the front wheel arches.

The front-end also includes a new bumper with a redesigned grille and air intakes. Elsewhere, the Mugen Civic Type R includes a custom hood, extended side skirts and a set of new 11-spoke gunmetal grey wheels. At the rear, the bold modifications continue with a large fixed rear wing, a new bumper and a bold rear diffuser.

Elsewhere, Mugen has created two custom packages for the S660 kei car, available exclusively in Japan. The most eye-catching of the two provides the roadster with some much needed aggression, thanks to a new bonnet, front fascia, sports wheels, distinctive side skirts, a rear wing and rear diffuser. Meanwhile the second Mugen S660 concept is more restrained. It’s main point of difference from the standard car are the wheels.

Completing Mugen’s line-up are a modified version of the Step WGN Spada minivan and a bespoke HR-V crossover, painted in a bright shade of red.