McLaren P1 Scale Models Start From $15, But Can Cost Up To $12,000!

If for some reason you missed out on the opportunity to buy a McLaren P1, then the British brand has you covered with scale models of their hybrid supercar.

It may not be as big as the real-deal, or as fast for that matter, but it’s definitely cheaper as it starts from just under £10 ($15), however, it can go up to a whopping £8,000 ($12,131)!

The most expensive one is produced by Amalgam Fine Model Cars and it is a 1:8 scale replica, precise to the last 0.1mm, which “allows you to see the curves and shapes without being too big or too small“, as McLaren describes it.

TSM (True Scale Models) AutoArt, Minichamps and Tecnomodel can produce resin or die cast models, all at a 1:43 scale, and they include the first production car built, the Nurburgring edition XP2R prototype, which completed the track in less than 7 minutes, the camouflaged P1 prototype with the track inspired McLaren camouflage and the one driven by Jenson Button at Goodwood.

These will be joined in 2016 by the Amethyst Black PP3 pre-production version, driven by journalists from across the world.

Scalextric and Maisto offer a slightly cheaper version of the McLaren P1, in various colors, including the Volcano Yellow and Volcano Orange, while Lego has created its own version too, as part of the Speed Champions series, finished in Volcano Yellow.

The smallest version of the hybrid supercar measures 75mm and it’s available in Volcano Orange and Supernova Silver, signed by Mattel-HotWheels. This miniature die-cast toy is aimed towards children and it’s also the cheapest one offered.

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