Rolls-Royce Reveals Special Sunrise Phantom; An Automotive Rose Gold iPhone

Rolls-Royce’s bespoke customization division has to be the busiest in the industry, pumping out lots of limited editions and one-off variants of the British automaker’s finest models. Their latest creation is based on the forever-popular Phantom and is officially dubbed the Rolls-Royce Sunrise Phantom Extended Wheelbase.

Certainly the key element distinguishing the Sunrise Phantom from other models is its paint job. It bares similarities to the rose gold finish available on the iPhone in that it combines pink and golden hues to make for an eye-popping colour combination. Rolls-Royce says that the paint looks particularly incredible under direct sunlight and manages to shimmer different hues depending on the light source.

As with other unique Rolls-Royce models to role out of the marque’s customization department, the Sunrise Phantom Extended Wheelbase isn’t short on special touches in the cabin.

Leather mimicking the exterior paint work covers most surfaces, such as the seats, door panels, A-pillars, elements of the dashboard and the transmission tunnel. Helping to make the car pop even further is some truly gorgeous wooden inlays throughout with one piece on the dashboard include a gold Spirit of Ecstacy motif.

Although no details have been given about the buyer of this Phantom, we can imagine it going into a rather comprehensive collection.