Ryan Tuerck’s 850hp Scion FR-S Roars On The Dyno

Originating in Japan, drifting has become a truly global motorsport with national series held from the US to Australia and everywhere in between.

One of the sport’s most recognizable names is Ryan Tuerck, who competes in the Formula Drift series with his bespoke Scion FR-S. While not as outlandish as Japan’s Murcielago LP640 and Lexus LFA drift cars, it has been custom built from the ground-up and brings together power and performance with a suspension setup allowing for frankly ridiculous slip angles.

Powering Tuerck’s FR-S is a 2JZ engine, made famous for its use in the final-generation Toyota Supra. However, this 2JZ is far from standard. For starters, it has been stroked out to 3.4-liters and now utilizes a massive Garrett GTX turbocharger running at an insane 30 psi of boost. When combined with custom cams, a bespoke valvetrain, Deatsch Werks injectors, an anti-lag system and Motec engine management, this impressive drifter recently pumped out 850 hp while on the dyno.

Thanks to the car’s anti-lag system, it sounds like the very best Group B rally cars and would certainly give Vaughn Gitten Jr’s Mustang RTR a run for its money.