Sorry Driving Enthusiasts, Lamborghini Won’t Make A RWD Aventador

Lamborghini may have only just introduced a rear-wheel drive Huracan in the form of the LP580-2, but the Italian automaker has made clear that no such derivative of the range-topping Aventador will ever be produced.

As it stands, the 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12 of the Aventador pumps out 690 hp and 507 lb-ft of torque in standard configuration and 740 hp in SV-guise. Mated to an all-wheel drive system as well as an advanced seven-speed ISR transmission, the Aventador is one of the most intoxicating supercars on the planet.

Despite that, it has been critiqued for the driving thrills it provides compared to its key rival, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. While the rear-wheel drive Huracan has managed to overcome some of the driving dynamic issues of the standard car, most notably understeer, Lamborghini does not plan to wheel out a RWD Aventador.

That’s because the automaker insists all-wheel drive is the only way to fully manage the power and torque of the V12-powered Aventador.

While speaking with Autocar, research and development director Maurizio Reggiani said: “The Aventador can only be four-wheel drive because we have so much power and torque to manage; only with four driven wheels are you able to manage this. This is mainly due to the state of the art of the control systems that we have on the car today. So when we plan Aventador derivatives, we maintain four-wheel drive.”

That’s a shame. Hopefully, those derivatives will, like the astonishing SV, find a way to make it up to those seeking pure driving pleasure.


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