Stop-Sale Order Issued For Ferrari 488 GTB After California T Recall

Just yesterday, Ferrari wished California T customers a Merry Christmas by issuing a recall for all US-spec models delivered. Now, it has emerged that a stop-sale order has been issued for the 2016 488 GTB.

The problem of the 488 GTB is identical to that of the California T, meaning a low-pressure fuel line could leak, potentially causing a fire within the new 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. While 185 California T models have been delivered in the U.S, no units of the new 488 GTB have reached customers hence while a stop-sale order has been announced rather than a recall.

Sales and deliveries of the 488 GTB will recommence in the United States when the problem is fixed with a new part for the fuel system.

The Ferrari 458 Italia which the 488 replaced, famously had to be recalled after deliveries started on the back of numerous fires. Thankfully in this case, there are no reported incidents in either the California T or 488 models.