Take A Look At Ferrari’s Track-Only Toys In Action; 599XX Evo And FXX K

Spa Francorchamps was the place to be for several wealthy car collectors, who unleashed their Ferrari beasts on the track, resulting in a very “noisy” video.

Among those present was Google Vice President Benjamin Sloss with his 599XX Evo, which is the main star of this video, and, if we’re not mistaken, the yellow FXX K is in his property too, as he recently bought it as a present for his wife.

However, Sloss’ 599XX Evo and FXX K aren’t the only exotics unleashed on the famous circuit because they were joined by other similar models, owned by enthusiasts from all over the world.

If somehow you don’t know what to expect from this footage, and you don’t want to be taken by surprise, let us mention the brutal accelerations, fast cornering, downshifts, fire-red brake discs and plenty of revving, so make sure you turn your volume up before checking it out.