Teen Creates Free Website That Will Fight Parking Tickets For You

The faith in humanity is restored once again, as 18-year old Joshua Browder created a website that will not only fight your parking tickets, but it will do it also for free.

DoNotPay.co.uk was recently launched, with motorists entering the details of their parking ticket and letting them choose which defense is better suited for their situation. The website’s algorithm then generates a custom appeal for them to send to the relevant council.

Joshua Browder taught himself to code at the age of 12, with his latest creation taking him three months to complete from scratch. The teen is set to go at the Stratford University in the coming fall, to study Economics and Computer Science.

Browder realized that UK city councils work on the “tickets first, ask questions later” policy, after receiving around 30 parking tickets around his school in Camden.

“Unfortunately, many recipients of these tickets don’t have the time, legal knowledge or energy to appeal,” said Browder to Huffington Post. “To solve this problem, I created the first ever website that allows UK road users to appeal their parking tickets automatically, based on the twelve most successful defences.”

The 18-year old was helped by a lawyer in drafting the appeals and so far there’s been a few success stories. “My friend won an appeal from Camden Council in relation to stating the wrong date on a permit, and a lady, who found the site through Google, emailed me saying that she was successful in overturning a ticket after paying for the incorrect vehicle registration.”

“I hope that it will dis-intermediate services that charge half the cost of the ticket for a manual appeal. The site not only saves time, but also ensures that drivers have the best possible chance of winning their appeals.”

The website proved so popular that it crashed a few days after the official launch, with the founder now working on expanding its capacity. Browder says that he will keep the service free for users, offering a good chance to win an appeal against their parking tickets but only for those who live in the UK.