What If The Tesla Model S Was Tuned By Liberty Walk?

It has created a brand new niche and, as it always happens until the rivals catch up, it has the world (and its customers) all to its own.

As with all other leading luxury cars, the Model S is emerging as quite popular among tuning companies, particularly those based in the United States.

Liberty Walk has become synonymous for their insane widebody kits available for a range of performance cars from the likes of the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat right through to the Lamborghini Aventador.

To give us an idea of how a Liberty Walk Model S would look if the Japanese tuning house got to it, Khyzyl Saleem has created the following rendering.

To create it, he has installed the obligatory flared front and rear wheel arches as well as extended side skirts and a lowered front splitter. Additionally, massively wheels have been installed as has a towering rear wing and lowered suspension.

The end result looks far more menacing than the production car; the question is, would any Model S owners be brave enough to make this a reality?