Surprise…This Oil Refinery Infomercial Busted The Internet

Something tells us that if not all, most of the 800,000 plus viewers who virally discovered this 2012 video over the past few days are no wiser on the “process oil refineries go through when they need to make repairs or build new machinery” than they were before.

Well, we live in a world where racy sells – be that male or female, from commercials for food and drinks to cars and shows, and everything in between; an otherwise extremely boring video going viral is proof of that, if any was needed.

Deep down in the comments on YouTube, the company responsible for the infomercial, project management and consulting firm EPCM-psi wrote: “The name of the intelligent, talented and articulate young lady in this particular commercial is Juliana Morgan. The commercial was directed by Josh Harraway of Fair Exchange Entertainment.”

It’s too blatantly obvious to be a coincidence; EPCM-psi’s marketing team and their advertising partners knew exactly what they were doing when hiring and dressing the infomercial’s presenter Juliana Morgan in a tight, light-colored top that pops out and a black dress that vanishes in the background.