Facelifted Mercedes C-Class Sedan And Estate Reveal Refreshed Interior

New spy shots of the facelifted Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan and estate models have surfaced online, showing off some of the model’s new design cues.

Intriguingly, the prototypes in question are outfitted with the same headlights and taillights as the current C-Class and are instead only adorned with camouflaged front bumpers. While it’s difficult to say why Mercedes has done this, the true identity of these models is obvious.

Inevitably, when the updated C-Class range is released, the rear bumper will also be revised as well as the headlights and taillights.

Of most interest from these prototypes are some of the new interior touches visible. The most noticeable change is the abandonment of the rather strange mouse used by the current C-Class which half covers a circular dial. Now with just the dial remaining, the center console appears much simpler. There also appears to be a new steering wheel and instrument cluster shroud.

Alongside the interior and exterior revisions, there’s a possibility that some of the inline-six engines set to debut on the 2018 S-Class will be added to the range.


  • Akira

    …And they still keep this ridiculously cheap looking small screen forcing you to pay the hugely overpriced upgraded satnav…Shame on Mercedes.

    • Sébastien

      The glossy black also looks so cheap

  • Adi

    “The most noticeable change is the abandonment of the rather strange mouse used by the current C-Class” actually that’s not true. Current C-Class also has just the wheel with the base infotainment (as this one in the spy shots) and when you upgrade to Comand Online you get a touchpad. There’s nothing new in the interior except the steering wheel.

  • luca

    i can’t see any difference

  • klowik

    It seems to go backward by using the old halogen bulb for the headlights not the current LED clusters.

    • Adi

      Current one also has halogen lights as standard. LED’s are optionial.

  • BGM

    Here’s proof positive you’re paying for the brand, not for the content. You can spend $10-$15K less and get more.

  • Eddie Williams

    Where is the shiftier

    • canomalo

      the shifter is on the stalk ,I have this car and its sad to say that my 20k cheaper in price Sonata has more features then the 300,noticed how i said cheaper in price not in car

      • Silimarina

        But, does it drive the same?

        • canomalo

          honestly bro unless you are a car junkie/geek /race car driver drives just as good

    • BGM

      Don’t get me started on that friend. Aside from the Rolls, MB’s shifter is the most inelegant one of any car brand. BMW tried it for awhile (during the Chris Bangle era) and quickly did away with it. MB has doubled, tripled, quadrupled down on this eye sore so that now it’s on most of its cars. Can’t wait for someone to fix it!

  • SteersUright

    Whats going on at BMW and MB these days?? Once proud and stately luxury boxes that shoved air out of their way with authority, the current cars look like rounded blobs without much character nor identity. Slap another grill and label on any of their current cars and you’d never be the wiser. Even their high acclaimed new generation of interiors look chintzy, gaudy, and plasticky. I understand it is wind tunnels and not designers that dictate final design shapes these days, but damn! Cant we get a beautiful AND aerodynamically sound car?

    • BGM

      I have to say that some of the fault – maybe a lot of it – rests with the EU law that says cars have to have a square front for pedestrian safety. Look at pretty much any European car, from Volvo to VW, and you’ll see the same boxy front. You know…. for the children…

    • Enter Ranting

      I was extremely unimpressed with the Mercedes lineup at the LA Auto Show. Hyundai seems to be putting in more effort with their Genesis brand than Mercedes is with any of their cars.

  • BlackPegasus

    Will Apple Carplay and Android Auto be standard equipment? Haha why do I ask questions I already know the answers to? I doubt either will be offered at any price and if it was an option MB would charge its customers $5,000 USD.

    BTW, you can get basic tech like Rearview cameras and Apple Carplay on a Kia, Nissan and Honda. And rear cameras are STANDARD features in most economy rental cars these days.

  • Enter Ranting

    Well, they didn’t fix the goofy way the corners of the hood meet the grille. And, SERIOUSLY with the giant piece of cheap, shiny fingerprint-covered black plastic on the console?!

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