Mercedes Loans Five Replacement Vehicles To Families Affected By G20 Summit Riots

The G20 Summit has ended, but its social repercussions live on, as several families in Hamburg, Germany, have lost their cars to vandalism.

One of Mercedes-Benz‘s local dealers wants to help them, and as a result, they are offering five replacement vehicles, including the Vito, V-Class and Citan, free of charge, for one month, no matter what car brand they used to own.

The announcement was made on social media, and it says: “We want to help families whose vehicles were destroyed during the G20 riots, over the weekend, and who depend on their mobility. For this reason, Mercedes-Benz Hamburg is now offering a total of five replacement vehicles. Affected families can report and describe their situation, no matter what brand they have driven.”

Those interested in Mercedes-Benz‘s proposition will have to contact the dealership as soon and possible and ask for one replacement vehicle, which will have to be returned after the 30-day period expires.

Hamburg’s residents weren’t the only ones affected by the riots during the G20 summit, as a Porsche dealership was struck by protesters last week. 12 vehicles, including a bunch of 911s, were destroyed by fire.


  • BGM

    In Germany being a NAZI is illegal, being at the so called *far right* is just one step below being illegal. But if you’re a communist you can probably get a seat in the Reichstag with no problem and if you’re a far left thug who runs wild and destroys property you’re OK. A thousand years from now historians will be wondering what happened to Germany, to Europe and to the West.

    • Alex

      Here we talk about cars and not politic. Your comment is out of place

      • Jordan Frederick Mascarenhas

        Alex, this article is clearly also about politics (snowflakes). Please re-read and think again.

    • Silimarina

      Actually the prostesters were mixed.Some were protesting about climate issues, some were anti-capitalism, or against globalistion, some against neoliberalism.

      • Jordan Frederick Mascarenhas

        Safe to say those protesting against neoliberalism were responsible for criminal acts like destroying the property of other people. The others (snowflakes) on the other hand, are considered criminals for their childish, yet criminal actions during their senseless rioting.

  • Christian

    How is burning car, let a lone plastic containers helping the environment, you stupid Socialist… 🙂 But Nice move by Mercedes.

  • ”One of Mercedes-Benz’s local dealers”- is helping people !!
    This is Called Humanity !
    I,m glad he put a great example to the world !
    What you do to make the World a Better place ???