This E39 Is Part BMW And Part Corvette

Here at Carscoops, we’re quite familiar with seeing curious cars outfitted with even more curious modifications. Nothing could have prepared us for this monstrosity.

If you were to see this E39-generation BMW 5-Series driving along from the front, you could be fooled for thinking it’s just like any other. Spin around to the rear, however, and things go from normal to downright frightening very quickly.

For some unknown reason, this BMW owner has modified the sedan’s rear fascia to mimic the look of a Chevrolet Corvette, complete with the customary four circular taillights.

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What’s more, a pair of small reversing lights have been tacked onto the custom black mesh that sits in place of a traditional rear bumper. There’s even three tailpipes poking out of the rear.

The cherry on top of this weird cake comes in the form of a 530i badge being slapped directly under the Corvette taillights.

You’re not alone, we’ve also been left scratching our heads.

As is so often the case with strange car modifications like this, we’re left with more questions than answers.

For starters, what could have possibly motivated the owner to create such an abomination? Does the owner simply love BMWs and Corvettes but not have the funds to buy both? Were the modifications done in a shed or in a shop? What’s happened to the 530i’s original rear fascia?

Here’s hoping the owner discovers the Reddit thread about their vehicle and provides some answers to our questions.


  • Mr. EP9

    Dafuq what this person thinking?

  • Smith

    “This E39 Is Part BMW And Part Corvette” and totally stupid.

  • Shane

    Pretty sure this gives cops reasonable cause to pull him over and search for drugs.

  • TB

    Umm…why? Oh…and a follow-up….why???

  • Rzrlf

    Y tho?

  • Steve Cohn

    Now if the owner had installed a LS1 Corvette V8 in the BMW I’d feel better about it.

  • Bo Hanan



    • Shane

      I dug it personally, just on the Vette though… If I saw this guy pulled over and shot I’d pretend I was on the phone and had my ear buds in.

  • Six_Tymes

    zero brain cells.

    insult to a vette, AND to bmw at the same time. so stupid

  • Przemix

    so somewhere a corvette is riding with back of the e39

  • Retro

    Saw this car in Federal way, WA last weekend my son and I were like WTF? than today on Reddit WTF I see this car lol

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