LFT-666 Is The Number Of Lister’s New Beastly Jaguar F-Type Tune

British tuner Lister has performed a series of updates to the LFT-666, a Jaguar F-Type prototype with new looks and more power.

Previewed by a set of renderings, the production-ready model will get newly designed body panels, made from carbon fiber.

Replacements include parts for the grille, front bumper, splitter, diffuser, lip spoiler and extended wheel arches, joined by a set of lightweight alloy wheels shod in  Michelin rubber.

Lister says these changes create “a lighter and stronger car that offers improved aerodynamics on both road and track”, and “a much faster car than the standard model” thanks in part to the re-worked suspension.

Besides updating the exterior of the LFT-666, the British aftermarket firm has also performed some modifications inside, which revolve around the seat design and steering wheel.

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Elsewhere, the supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine remains untouched from the previous Lister tune, making a devilish 666PS (657hp / 490kW), hence the LFT-666 name, which helps this tuned Jaguar F-Type reach 100km/h (62mph) in just a little over 3 seconds, and up to a top speed in excess of 322km/h (200mph).

Lister says the first LFT-666 will be ready for delivery on October 1, and production will be capped at 99 examples.

In addition to the updated Jaguar F-Type LFT-666, the tuner will also offer exterior and wheel enhancements for the standard versions of the sports car. The kits will start from £9,750 ($12,803) in the UK, and will be available worldwide. They will also receive a new moniker, the Lister LFT, although with no horsepower denotation.


  • Six_Tymes

    like it a lot. i sure wish………

  • AstonMartin

    I like that Lister was able to properly put the bumper behind the front grille and not in front of it like the standard factory F-Type model.

  • Wait they change the name from Thunder to very home appliance looking LFT-666… come on!

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