2020 Range Rover Evoque: Can It Trump The Audi Q3 And Volvo XC40?

The new, second generation Range Rover Evoque is arguably the brand’s most important model, and as such it must be able not just to compete but offer a very strong argument against its rivals in the premium segment.

While some might say that the design is too similar with its predecessor, Land Rover’s decision to evolve the looks rather that start from scratch was a pretty good choice given that, Chinese copycats notwithstanding, the styling of the Evoque is still unique.

The interior, though, was overhauled in order to match the premium looks with plusher materials and the necessary bags of tech; thus the baby Range Rover comes with the same twin-display setup you’ll find in the big Range, as well as features like a wool-blend upholstery.

Autocar pitted the new Evoque against its main rivals, namely the Audi Q3 and the Volvo XC40. All are members of the premium club in the compact SUV segment, yet each comes with its own, distinctive characteristics.

The Q3, for example, poses as the most dynamic of the three, while the XC40 is the cool, surefooted Scandinavian that’s more about being comfortable than sporty. As ever, one of them is doing a better job than the rest, so let’s find out who that is.


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