Elon Musk Says Tesla Pickup Will Be Revealed In Two To Three Months

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk says the long-awaited Tesla pickup truck will be unveiled in the next two to three months.

We’ve known for quite some time that the pickup would bow before the end of the year, but Musk’s tweet does provide us with a clearer idea of when the wraps of the Rivian R1T rival will come off.

“We’re close, but the magic is in the final details. Maybe 2 to 3 months,” the tweet reads, suggesting that the car manufacturer is still putting the finishing touches to the show car.

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Tesla has only released a single teaser image of its pickup truck, which you can see below, but it didn’t really provide us with a good idea of what to expect from the vehicle’s exterior design. Nevertheless, previous statements from Musk have suggested that the vehicle’s design will be drastically different than any other Tesla. Those who’ve been critical of the cookie-cutter design of the car manufacturer’s current models should be pleased to see something a little different.

In June, it was revealed that the Tesla pickup will cost less than $50,000 and handle like a Porsche 911 – bold statements both of them. We understand that the vehicle will feature no less than six seats, offer up to 300,000 lbs (136,077 kg) of towing capacity, as well as 400-500 miles (645 – 800 km) of range.

With confirmation that GM is also developing an electric pickup truck, this segment of the market is shaping up to be very exciting in the near future.

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Renderings via Emre Husmen

  • Six_Tymes

    I highly doubt it will look as good as these renders.

    • MarkoS

      Lets hope not.

    • James Denz

      IMO the renderings are all pretty horrible.

  • MarkoS

    Revealed, but actually available when? It also need a 6FT bed.

    • Harry_Wild

      No, 4 feet is all I need! Keep it around 190” long overall! Then I can fit inside my garage and in city parking spots easily too!

    • TheBelltower

      Like the Wrangler? The reality is, no one is going to be hauling drywall in this.

  • no25

    What will it be called? “!”?

  • Hot Twink

    We’re close, but the magic is in the final details. Maybe 2 to 3 months…

    ~ Elon Musk

    Details? What details? You mean panel gaps wider than the Grand Canyon?

    • Finkployd

      🎺wa waaa~

  • Jerry Hightower

    If it looks like these pictures it’s pretty damn ugly and useless!


  • db

    You mean things like profit and production goals?

  • Juan Alvarez

    I would get a personalized LP “DURACELL.”

  • WalthamDan

    I’m surprised they haven’t been begging, err asking for deposits already.

  • JqC

    Rendering has nothing to do with the teaser. Why is this here? I think this Tesla truck is going to be the single most interesting design we’ve seen in cars recently. And I’m willing to bet it has Bondesque options.

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