2020 McLaren 750 LT Test Mule Caught Out In The Open

McLaren’s upcoming Longtail version of the 720S has been spied while out and about during a series of tests on the roads near the Nurburgring and on the track itself.

From the moment McLaren unveiled the 720S, it was only logical that a faster, lighter and more track-focused version would be unveiled at some stage, picking up where the (now defunct) 675 LT left off. This is the first prototype of this new model that we’ve seen ,and it is entirely free of camouflage.

The most obvious design mods made to the car are found at the front with a more pronounced splitter and sharp canards on either side of the bumper to increase downforce. There are no obvious design differences at the rear but, inevitably, the finished item will sport a number of them, with the most likely candidates being a larger rear wing and a new exhaust.

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One final difference visible between this 720S prototype and the standard car is the presence of a large roll cage, which is probably there for safety reasons, as the car is being developed at the Nordschleife.

A quick search of the car’s British license plate confirms that this 720S was manufactured in 2016 and has, obviously, been selected to be used as one of the LT’s test mules.

According to a report that surfaced earlier this month, the new hardcore Super Series, which might be dubbed the 750LT, will be unveiled at next year’s Geneva Motor Show. A series of powertrain upgrades will be made to ensure it is even faster than the standard 720S, with the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 expected to pump out at least 740 HP (750 PS).


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  • Judging from drag races on youtube, 720S is one of the fastest right now. However, if the LT comes along, I guess this is gonna be a drag racing king. Excited.

    • Probably no. The LT will be focused on track performance, with more downforce, meaning more drag, less straight line speed.

      • it'll probably have active aerodynamics so it won't actually affect the straight line performance thus making it faster than the 720S, just my two cents tho

      • Are you sure that 675LT was not faster in acceleration than 650S. As far as I remember it was much faster. Then the case is going to happen again.

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