Waymo One Debuts As The First Ride-Hailing App For Self-Driving Cars

The service launches in the Metro Phoenix area for early riders from Waymo’s research program.

Here Are Five Cars We Want To See Powered By Dodge’s ‘Hellephant’ V8 (Tell Us Yours Too!)

Mopar’s new Hellephant crate engine could become the go-to for insane engine swaps.

Canadian Federal Government Writes Off $1.1 Billion Loan To Fiat Chrysler

Canada has quietly written off a massive loan to Chrysler with no explanation .

These Are The Most Resold New Cars After One Year Of Ownership

The study showed that popular premium models from BMW and Mercedes-Benz are being ditched the most.

Chrysler Portal Concept Reportedly Going Into Production In 2020

The production Portal will reportedly be an electric vehicle just like the concept.

Chrysler 300 Is Getting Old, But Using Giulia Styling Is Beyond Absurd

Strapping Chrysler front and rear fascias to the Alfa Romeo Giulia does a disservice to both brands.

Big In Japan: Chrysler 300 Wears 26-Inch Wheels With Aplomb

This American saloon resides in the land of the Rising Sun and its owner has modified it substantially .

Sergio Marchionne Was Seriously Ill For A Year, But No One At FCA Knew

The executive carried on with his hectic schedule and had informed no one about his medical condition.

Sergio Marchionne Was An Icon Whose Legacy Will Continue On Both Sides Of The Atlantic

Bold moves and questionable decisions will likely become Marchionne’s legacy.

Breaking: Sergio Marchionne Out As FCA And Ferrari CEO Following Complications With Surgery

Marchionne’s condition has “worsened significantly in recent hours” .

Elderly Man Mistakenly Hits Biker Who Then Enters Hulk Smash Mode

The PT Cruiser driver toppled over a biker who then went Hulk on him.

FCA Boss Suggests Time’s Running Out For 300, Journey And Grand Caravan

Dodge’s focus on performance will likely result in the death of at least two models.