New Audi A7 Sportback Test Drive Ends Shockingly Bad After Crashing Into 15 Cars

The driver of the Audi A7 lost control and miraculously survived, despite damaging 15 other cars.

Icy Road Claims Multiple Cars As Drivers Try To Avoid Stopped Truck

This incident took place in Russia recently and involved at least half a dozen vehicles spinning or getting hit.

Father And Son Charged After Racing And Crashing Their Corvettes Crash In NJ

The two Corvettes collided at high speed on February 9 inside the tunnel’s North Tube while racing.

Ford F-150 Rear-Ends Honda Civic On California Highway, Tries To Run Away

The Ford F-150 driver seemed distracted as they noticed the Honda too late to avoid the crash.

Phew, That Was Close: Cammer Reacts Quickly To Avoid Crash

The driver of the dashcam-equipped vehicle was lucky no other vehicles were present in the opposite lane.

Dodge Challenger Driver Initiates Domino-Like Crash In SoCal

A total of four cars were involved in this minor crash, including the Dodge Challenger.

Bad Driver Gets Instant Karma After Near Collision

Following the close call, the driver cut off a cop and got pulled over.

Model X And Forester Engage In Highway “Battle” – But Is The Subaru Driver The Only One To Blame?

The driver of the Subaru seemed willing to ram a Tesla that didn’t give room for him to merge in his lane.

Tesla Model 3 Driver Praises Car’s Stability After Getting Sideswiped

This Tesla Model 3 was sideswiped by an allegedly drunk driver in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Man Nearly Crushed By Out-Of-Control Car In California Freeway

After hitting the divider twice, the car spun, hit a Prius and narrowly missed a man standing by the shoulder.

Nissan Hits Parked Cars, Narrowly Misses Pedestrians, Then Tries To Escape On Three Wheels

The driver of the Nissan Frontier actually hit several vehicles that day, including multiple pedestrians.

Irresponsible Corolla Driver Gets Trailer-Slapped By Passing Semi

The crash occurred in Bay Minette, Alabama and thankfully no serious injuries were reported.