GM Eyeing Rivian For Its Electric Pickup, But It’ll Have To Beat Amazon First

With its R1T, Rivian has drawn the attention of a number of companies interested in rolling out electric trucks.

You Can Now Buy A 1,000HP Tahoe Or Suburban Straight From Chevy Dealers

Power for these super Tahoe and Suburbans come from a 6.8L supercharged V8.

Unifor Recruits Sting To Help Save GM’s Oshawa Assembly Plant

Production at GM’s Oshawa Assembly Plant is currently at 30 per cent capacity.

GM Rumored To Leave Australia, Sell Holden Importation Business

While GM could leave Australia, the Holden brand is expected to carry on .

Cadillac Gives 2019 XT5 A Sport Package But No Extra Horsepower

The new pack for the XT5 costs $2,995 on the Luxury and $1,995 on the Premium Luxury trim.

GM Is Going All-In On EVs, But CEO Admits They’ll Lose Money

GM CEO Mary Barra sales their EVs won’t return a profit until early next decade.

2020 Corvette C8 Envisioned With The Targa Top Down

For those who worried the C8 Corvette’s looks would suffer with the roof panel removed.

GM Discovers The Streisand Effect: Ends Up Highlighting Union’s Anti-GM Ad

GM threatened Canada’s Unifor union over a Super Bowl ad .

2019 Chevrolet Blazer First Drive Reveals More Strengths Than Weaknesses

The 2019 Blazer resurrects an old name, but in all other respects is a very modern SUV.

GM To Start Laying Off 4,250 Employees From Monday

GM is engaging in a huge restructuring plan.

Chevrolet ‘Real People’ Reliability Fiasco Births ‘Real Life’ Parody

Chevrolet’s Real People reliability commercial has been “re-worked”.

GM Might Chase Ford With An Electric Chevrolet Silverado And GMC Sierra

GMC’s vice president has revealed the company is “certainly” considering an electric pickup.