Holden Ute Powerslide Goes Wrong, Turns Into Pole-Hugging

Thankfully, both occupants exited the vehicle on their own two feet, while emergency services arrived soon after.

1000HP Holden Commodore VE Is The Most Australian Car Ever

There’s a reason why so many Aussies love the Holden Commodore.

2019 Holden Trax Doesn’t Impress, But It’s Still A Nicely Sorted Package

More than six years after it was unveiled, the Chevrolet/Holden Trax is still an interesting purchase.

Holden Free To Rebadge And Import Any GM Product To Australia; Which Ones Do You Want?

The Aussie carmaker can now re-badge Buicks, Chevys and even Cadillacs if it thinks they are a good fit.

Reckless Driver Ignores Barriers In Crossing, Gets Hit By Train

The barriers were down, the lights were flashing and the bells were sounding, but they still decided to pass.

Holden’s Time Attack Concept Was Designed For The Post Auto Show Era

Holden’s latest concept is a digital creation which is envisioned to have 1341 hp.

Holden Barina Gets Axed, Will The Chevy Sonic Share A Similar Fate?

Holden says it wants to focus on SUVs, LCVs and certain passenger segments instead.

Holden Colorado Z71 Xtreme Goes Hunting For Ford Raptors Down Under

General Motors’ Australian division has upgraded the Colorado to near-Raptor levels of ruggedness.

Holden Gets Sucker Punched By Toyota Camry Down Under

Wheel to wheel contact can be extremely dangerous in traffic, even at low speed.

Holden’s New Commodore Has A Thing Or Two To Say To The Kia Stinger Police Cruiser

“License and Registration,” says the Holden Commodore to the Kia Stinger, trying to muscle in on Australia’s police-car market.

Holden Commodore Veers Off The Road And Rolls Over Down Under

The Commodore was moving erratically even before the driver lost control and crashed.

The Tail Spin Holden FB Was Frankensteined From Five Cars, Including An R33 Skyline

This old Holden is actually made up from five cars, with a Nissan Skyline donating its chassis.