Holden Gets Sucker Punched By Toyota Camry Down Under

Wheel to wheel contact can be extremely dangerous in traffic, even at low speed.

Holden’s New Commodore Has A Thing Or Two To Say To The Kia Stinger Police Cruiser

“License and Registration,” says the Holden Commodore to the Kia Stinger, trying to muscle in on Australia’s police-car market.

Holden Commodore Veers Off The Road And Rolls Over Down Under

The Commodore was moving erratically even before the driver lost control and crashed.

The Tail Spin Holden FB Was Frankensteined From Five Cars, Including An R33 Skyline

This old Holden is actually made up from five cars, with a Nissan Skyline donating its chassis.

HSV’s Gunning For Ford Ranger Raptor With Hardcore Colorado ZR2

The Ford Ranger Raptor could have a challenger on its hands, courtesy of the Aussies responsible for all those HSV Commodores.

Can The 2018 Holden ZB Calais-V Make Us Forget Its Predecessor?

2018 Holden ZB Calais-V meets up with the older VF Calais-V for a comparison test down under.

Kia Stinger GT Vs New Holden Commodore VXR: Can They Win Local V8 Enthusiasts?

Can the sportiest model in Commodore’s range upstage Kia’s extremely competent sports sedan?.

Holden Colorado LSX Launches Down Under All Murdered Out

Holden pickup gets the blacked-out treatment in the form of the Colorado LSX.

Holden To Recall 333,000 Vehicles With Faulty Takata Airbag Inflators

Holden tried to avoid an airbag recall, but eventually issued one for over 300k vehicles.

Bugatti Chiron Comes To Forza 7 In Latest DLC Car Pack

Sixteen-cylinder hypercar hits Xbox alongside Kia Stinger and Durango SRT.

HSV Builds Its Final Commodore-based Model

HSV has built its final Commodore-based model as the 275th Australian market…

Rare HSV GTSR W1 Fetches $206k At Aussie Auction

One of the final HSV GTSR W1’s to roll off the production…