BBR Makes The Mazda MX-5 Punchier With Two New Tuning Packages

The upgrades are available for the 2.0-liter, SkyActiv-G engine and can be ordered for foreign markets, too.

Mazda Introducing EV Next Year And Plug-In Hybrids In 2021-22

Mazda also thinks that diesel powertrains with electric motors are perfect for SUVs.

2020 Mazda3 Hatchback Guns For The Segment’s Top Spot

If you want lots of rear seat room, you’ll be disappointed – but you’ll love everything else.

Mazda’s Revolutionary 177HP Skyactiv-X Engine Emits Just 96g/km Of CO2

The upcoming Mazda3 Skyactiv X also returns a combined 43.5 mpg US per the WLTP standards.

Ferrari 458 Driver Opens Door Without Looking, Mazda Smashes It

Sourcing a new door for this Ferrari 458 Challenge will likely prove quite expensive.

This Mazda MX-5 Pickup Is Definitely Lacking Some Attention

This old Mazda MX-5 is no longer the lightweight two-seater sports car it once was.

Co-Driver Makes A Total Mess Of Navigating In Rally Stage

The driver of this Mazda MX-5 was left a little dumbfounded by his navigator’s pace notes…

Mazda Says 76 Per Cent Of Miata Buyers Opt For Stick Shifts

The MX-5 soft top is more frequently optioned with the manual than the RF targa.

Mazda Introduces New CX-3 GT Sport Nav+ Spec For The UK

The limited edition Mazda CX-3 GT Sport Nav+ will cost buyers upwards of £24,095.

Mazda USA Adds More MX-5 30th Anniversary Editions To Satisfy Demand

Mazda is bringing an extra 143 examples of the 2019 MX-5 30th Anniversary to the US.

Mazda Is Working On New Straight-Six Skyactiv-X Engines

Mazda revealed that it’s working not only on new six-cylinder engines but also a new large architecture.

Nearly 200k Mazda3s Recalled Stateside Over Faulty Windshield Wipers

The issue affects cars manufactured between July 20, 2015 and July 18, 2017.