Italian Police Adds Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross To Its Arsenal – Not Quite Ideal For Pursuits

Bad guys would probably feel a lot less safe had this announcement been about a Lambo instead of a Mitsubishi crossover.

Driver Almost Causes An Accident Cutting Into Traffic, Gets Pulled Over Immediately

Some people simply can’t drive.

Mustang Drivers Are Smashing Into Cop Cars Now Too

Luckily, neither the Ford Mustang driver or police officer were badly hurt.

AC Schnitzer’s BMW i8 Is A Police Car People Will Actually Be Happy To See

That’s because it’s not really a police car but a poster vehicle for Germany’s “Tune It! Safe!” campaign.

High Speed Pursuit Captured On Camera, Suspect’s Car Was Rolling On Rims

The chase eventually ended with a sheriff’s deputy performing a PIT maneuver on the suspect.

Dubai Police’s Giath SUV Is The Most Advanced Patrol Car In The World

It’s equipped with artificial intelligence systems, including facial recognition technology.

1976 Porsche 911 Targa With 2.7 RS Engine Is A Very Rare Police Car

One of Belgium’s original 20 Porsche 911 Targa police cars is a rather special find.

Carma! Suspected Car Thief Run Over By His Own Ride While Fleeing Cops

Things didn’t go to plan for this man who stole a Honda Accord.

Patrol Car Runs Down Murder Suspect To Stop Him From Fleeing

The man is a 33-year-old suspected of killing his girlfriend who was shooting at the police.

Routine Traffic Stop Escalates To Car Chase And Police Shootout

It seems like the man thought he was playing Grand Theft Auto.

Watch Dubai Police Officers Take Hoverbike Riding Lessons

There are few practical advantages to the hoverbike but the Dubai Police fleet isn’t known for practicality.

Jeep Grand Cherokees Join The Italian Carabinieri Motor Pool

The anti-terrorism units of Italy’s police force will use a fleet of 19 armored Grand Cherokees.