Tesla Says Germany Is The First Choice For Its First European Gigafactory

CEO Elon Musk broke the news while responding to a tweet suggesting that the country would be the best venue.

Fired Tesla Employee Says He’s A Whistleblower, Not A Saboteur

Tesla charges that Martin Tripp stole intellectual property and installed malware on its computer systems, but he says he’s trying to bring misconduct to light.

Musk Claims Tesla Employee Tried To Sabotage Automaker

Tesla says the saboteur exported company data to third parties.

Tesla Sets Up New Production Line, Builds First Model 3 Dual Motor Performance

The Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance can rocket from 0-60 mph in 3.5 secodns.

Was Thatcham’s Tesla Autopilot Test Fair, All Things Considered?

Thatcham Research devised a very realistic test for the Tesla Model S’ Autopilot system.

Make Your Old Tesla Model S Look Like A New One With This Aftermarket Nose Kit

T Sportline offers a retrofit kit for the older Tesla Model S to make it look like the newer version.

Tesla Model S Catches Fire While Driving In Santa Monica Boulevard

Tesla is investigating what caused a Model S to catch fire while on the move.

Watch The Boring Company Launch A Tesla Model X In Its Underground Tunnel

Turns out the Tesla Model X makes a pretty good testbed for the Hyperloop.

Tesla Roadster ‘SpaceX’ Imagined With Hardcore Aero Kit

The range-topping Tesla Roadster may look more extreme than we’re used to.

Tesla To Lay Off 9 Per Cent Of Its Workforce

Musk says Tesla must become profitable moving forward.

Musk Says New Tesla Roadster Will Use Rocket Thrusters

Musk says the new Tesla Roadster will be the finest car in history.

U.S. Advocacy Group Calls For Tesla To Fix Autopilot Flaws

A fatality in a Model X is the latest in a series of accidents with the Autopilot feature engaged.