Tesla Cybertruck Will Most Likely Be Classified As A Medium-Duty Pickup Truck

A Class 2B-3 medium-duty truck qualification renders any comparison to the Ford F-150 as useless .

Tesla’s Berlin Plant To Churn Out 500,000 EVs Annually, Model Y Could Be Ahead Of Schedule

Tesla will make batteries, powertrains and vehicles in its European Gigafactory, starting with the Model Y.

Loyal Infiniti Customer Wanted An EV, So They Sold Him A… Tesla Model 3!

Sheerbrooke’s mayor is a long-time Infiniti customer who wanted to drive a fully-electric car.

Musk Says All-Electric Cyberquad ATV Will Land In 2021

The Tesla Cyberquad could be followed up by electric dirt bikes, but not street ones, says Elon Musk.

Watch Elon Musk Run Over A Kid-Sized Pylon In A Cybertruck And Not Even Notice

Musk hit a plastic pylon with the Cybertruck while leaving a restaurant over the weekend.

Tesla Model 3 Crashes Into A Police Car With Autopilot Engaged

The Tesla driver said he was checking his dog on the back seat the moment of the crash.

A Pickup Troll Made His Own Tesla Cybertruck

With some cardboard and duct tape, this pickup owner made a Tesla Cybertruck replica.

Tesla Cybertruck Filmed In LA, Does It Have New Headlight Design?

Tesla still has a lot of time up its sleeve to perfect the Cybertruck before deliveries start.

Tesla To Launch Tri Motor Cybertruck In 2021, Base Model Delayed Until 2022

Tesla’s Cybertruck roll-out seems to adopt a strategy similar to the one of the Model 3.

Tesla Cybertruck Styling Sort Of Works On A Two-Door Sports Car

In reality, Tesla’s idea of a sports car is something a lot prettier, like the upcoming Roadster.

TeslaCam Catches Chevy Silverado Rear Ending Model 3 Inside Car Wash

The Tesla driver learned you should always watch your back, even in an automatic car wash.

Tesla Model 3 Performance Is An EV Everyone Can Love

The Tesla Model 3 Performance pumps out 450 hp thanks to its dual electric motors.