Watch Tesla Model S Navigate Through Road Construction With Latest Autopilot v8.1

Tesla’s Autopilot system v8.1 2018.10.4 appears to be making some serious strides forward.

You Can Now Buy A Tesla Model 3 By Using Apple Pay On iPhones, Macs and iPads

Tesla is using Apple’s platform not just for the Model 3, but for the Model S and X, too.

Tesla Employees Claim Delays Are Due To The Huge Number Of Faulty Parts

Tesla denies the allegations, states that quality issues are extremely minor and easily resolved.

Tesla Semi Doesn’t Seem Least Bit Bothered By Trailer

Tesla says Semi needs 20 seconds to hit 60 mph with payload.

Tesla Paused Model 3 Production In February To Deal With Bottlenecks

Production of the Tesla Model 3 had to pause in order to improve the output numbers.

Watch A Tesla Model 3 Owner Complete A Track Day At Laguna Seca

Surprisingly, the Model 3’s range was more than enough for completing nine laps.

Tesla Model X Takes On Acura NSX In Ultra High-Tech Drag Race

We’ve seen the Model X defeat a lot of fast vehicles in a drag race, but can it take down the NSX?.

Tesla’s Elon Musk Asks Trump To Help With China’s Unfair Car Trade Rules

Musk tweeted to Trump his issues with China’s policy on foreign automakers.

Tesla Semi Prototypes Spied At Supercharger Station

The electric Tesla Semis were reportedly on their first cargo trip.

Can You Tell What Tesla Model Is Being Displayed In Geneva?

The Tesla Model 3 made an (unofficial) stop by the Geneva Motor Show .

Jaguar I-Pace vs Tesla Model X: Which One Would You Drive To Your Home Charger?

Would you rather have the all-new Jaguar I-Pace or the Tesla Model X? Vote now!.

Tesla Slapped With Fine For Polluting – Not With Its Cars, But Its Fremont Plant

Tesla getting fined for air pollution? Even Elon Musk would see the irony in this.