Tesla Encourages California Owners To Charge Cars Before Power Outages

Tesla sent out a message to the infotainment screens of its owners in California.

Tesla Targeting November Unveiling For Its Electric Pickup

The Tesla pickup truck will be unveiled next month, but it won’t hit the production line anytime soon.

Tesla Wants To Use Liquid Fluid For Next-Gen Heated And Cooled Seats

Don’t worry, Tesla has designed a system that can’t be easily punctured.

Consumer Reports Says Tesla’s Smart Summon Feature Is Like A Glitchy Drunk Driver

Tesla gets slammed for beta-testing experimental features on the public.

Tesla Europe Boss Jochen Rudat Joins Automobili Pininfarina

Rudat and his team will be responsible for Automobili Pininfarina’s marketing.

Motorcyclist Caught Smashing Off Tesla Model 3 Mirror

The Tesla owner says police in California are taking action against the motorcyclist.

Tesla Model S P100D Vs Mercedes-AMG GT 63: Two Very Different Sedans With Supercar Pace

The Tesla Model S P100D and Mercedes-AMG GT 63 achieve their performance in very different ways.

Tesla Under Investigation For Pushing Software Update Instead Of Recalling Potentially Defective Batteries

The investigation is focused on approximately 2,000 Model S and Model X vehicles.

Tesla Delivers Around 97,000 Vehicles In Q3, Falls Short Of 100,000 Goal

Tesla has set a target of 360,000- 400,000 vehicles this year, which means it must shift at least 105,00 units in Q4.

AAA Finds Pedestrian Detection Systems Lacking, “Completely Ineffective At Night”

The test found systems in the Accord, Camry, Malibu and Model 3 were pretty ineffective.

NHTSA Looking Into Crashes Related To Tesla’s ‘Smart Summon’ Feature

The agency says it will not hesitate to take action regarding Tesla’s system if deemed necessary .

Tesla Model 3 Performs Rainy Rescue Using Smart Summon

Tesla’s Smart Summon feature was designed specifically for situations such as this one.