Tesla Model S P100D Challenges The Lamborghini Huracan Performante

Tesla’s ultra-fast electric sedan might find it hard to beat the Nurburgring-conquering Lambo.

Tesla Suspends Model 3 Production Yet Again Over “Bottlenecks”

Tesla has suspended Model 3 production despite recent positive news.

Tesla Slams Claims Of Under Reported Worker Injuries As “Ideologically Motivated” Attack

Tesla calls the report part of a “calculated disinformation campaign” against them.

Elon Musk Says Tesla Will be Profitable In Second Half Of This Year

Tesla will not require additional funding this year, according to the man in charge.

Tesla May Start Model Y Production In November 2019

Tesla could then start producing the Model Y in China in 2021.

Teslonda Is A 1970’s Honda Accord With Tesla Power That Can Outrun A Bugatti

This Tesla-powered old Honda Accord is unlike anything you’ve experience so far.

Dual-Motor Tesla Model 3 “Probably” Coming In July

Tesla wants to be building at least 5000 Model 3s a week before AWD arrives.

Would The New Tesla Roadster Be Faster On Mars Than It Is On Earth?

A YouTube video reveals how fast the new Tesla Roadster is to 60mph (96km/h) on Mars.

T Sportsline Makes An All-Black Tesla Model 3 And It Looks Great

The Tesla Model 3 looks much better without any color.

Tesla Has “Most Productive Quarter” In History, Builds 34,494 Vehicles

Tesla produced 34,494 vehicles in the first quarter including 9,766 Model 3s.

Porsche Claims Tesla Isn’t A Benchmark For Mission E

Porsche won’t even consider calling the upcoming Mission E a Tesla rival.

Tesla Model 3 Production Up To 2000 Units A Week

Those with Model 3 orders will be pleased by the news.