Tesla Launches Dog Mode To Protect Your Pooch

Tesla’s dog mode will keep the climate control system running while owners run errands.

Tesla Announces It Is Not Testing Autonomous Cars In California

Apart from simulation and test tracks, Tesla also has access to all the data gathered by the cars it has sold.

Tesla Model X Owner Blames ‘Confused’ Autopilot For Running Off Highway

Tesla will probably investigate this Model X crash.

Tesla’s New Updates Intend To Make Your Model 3 Impossible To Steal

The new Model 3 features will be released via an OTT update along with the recently announced Dog Mode.

Analyst Says Rivian Could End Tesla’s EV Dominance

Will Rivian stick around a rival Tesla for years to come?.

Tesla Model 3’s Autopilot Saves The Day Avoiding Crash With Swerving Toyota

Autopilot’s remarkable reaction kept the Model 3 safe from the erratic driving behavior of a Toyota Corolla.

Tesla’s Latest Hell Is A Three Month Wait For A Model 3 Bumper

Tesla has always struggled with long repair times and it appears the increase in Model 3 production is making the issues worse.

Ferrari And Tesla On Takata’s Latest Airbag Recall That’s Expanded By 1.7 Million Cars

The latest Takata recall expansion also includes vehicles from Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Subaru and Volkswagen.

Tesla Is Now Adding A ‘Dog Mode’ Function To Help Owners And Dogs Alike

This time Elon Musk didn’t get in trouble using Twitter, but got two ideas pitched at him.

Select Tesla Model 3 Test Drives Paused In China After First Tester Crashes

Tesla Model 3 test drives in China were briefly paused.

Tesla Cuts Model 3 Price By $1,100, Now Starts From $42,900

The base Tesla Model 3 Mid Range now starts from $34,850, if you count in the tax credit.

Cold Weather Can Almost Halve Battery Electrics’ Max Range

Of the five EVs tested, the BMW i3s had the biggest range drops at both low and high temperatures.