Tesla Arcade Launches With Beach Buggy Racing 2

Tesla’s new Beach Buggy Racing 2 game will make charging that much more enjoyable.

Meet The Truckla: A Tesla Model 3 Based Pickup

Tired of waiting for a Tesla pickup, one YouTuber took matters into their own hands.

Tesla And NIO Fires Spark Compulsory Safety Checks For All EV Makers In China

Automakers must submit their findings to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology by the end of October.

Tesla Kills Off RWD Long Range Model 3 Effective Immediately

The Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive was the version the Model 3 was introduced to the world in mid-2017.

Bob Lutz Says Tesla Model 3’s Panel Gaps Are Now “World-Class”

The famous veteran of the auto industry was left “stunned” by the fit and finish of the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Starts Installing Production Equipment At Chinese Gigafactory

Tesla’s Chinese plant will build the Model 3 and Model Y by the end of the year.

What If Tesla’s Upcoming Pickup Truck Looked Like This?

The Tesla truck should cost less than $50,000, have room for six and a 400-500-mile range.

Musk Says Tesla Has Designs For A Road-Going Electric Submarine – No, Really

Elon Musk said Tesla could one day reveal its amphibian vehicle as a show car.

Tesla Semi Production Pushed Back To Late 2020, No One Bats An Eyelid

Elon Musk said the reason for the 12-month delay is a shortage of batteries. Hope Fed-Ex, UPS etc. will understand…

Check Out Tesla Roadster’s Cool Butterfly Steering Wheel In Action

The Tesla Roadster prototype’s steering wheel certainly looks cool but should it make it to production?.

Tesla Slams Into Pickup Truck After Being Cut Off

A more thorough look up the road from the pickup driver could have prevented this crash.

Tesla Infotainment Could Eventually Support Third-Party Apps

Tesla owners can already play a number of games through the vehicle’s infotainment system.