Volvo Exec Says Tesla Influenced Key Aspect Of XC40 Recharge

The large 70 kWh battery pack in the Tesla Model 3 made Volvo rethink their strategy.

This Guy 3D-Printed His Own Tesla Cybertruck Scale Model And You Can Too

All it takes is 15 hours of work and plenty of patience, but the final result is impressive.

Tesla Cybertruck Could Get Innovative Electromagnetic Windshield Wiper

The Tesla Cybertruck would be a good candidate for this wiper design thanks to its flat windscreen .

Couple Paid $100 For The James Bond Lotus That Inspired Tesla’s Cybertruck Before Selling It To Musk For $997,000

The car was bought at a blind auction and the iconic Lotus Esprit was inside an unclaimed storage unit.

Tesla Model X, Porsche Taycan And 10 Other Cars Get Crash-Tested By Euro NCAP

The facelifted Jeep Renegade was also tested out by Euro NCAP and scored only 3 stars.

Tesla Model Y Deliveries Could Start In First Quarter Of 2020

Deliveries of the Tesla Model Y were initially scheduled to start in the fall of 2020.

Elon Musk Defends His ‘Pedo Guy’ Tweet During Trial

Elon Musk said he was simply responding to an insult thrown his way and didn’t mean it literally .

Porsche Says Tesla Owners Are Flocking To The Taycan

Tesla owners are interested in Porsche’s new electric vehicle, but will they become converts?.

Mexican City’s Police Force Orders 15 Tesla Cybertrucks

The mayor of Ciudad Valles has placed deposits for 10 Dual- and 5 Tri-Motor Cybertrucks.

Will This Widebody Cybertruck Make You Like Tesla’s Pickup?

The Tesla Cybertruck has triggered quite a lot of controversy since being unveiled.

This Tesla Model S P85 Has Been Driven For 1 Million Kilometers!

Tesla Model S owner Hansjörg Gemmingen’s next target is hitting 1 million miles (1.6 million km).

Aussie Safety Body Has Serious Concerns About Tesla’s Cybertruck

ANCAP’s chief executive said the Cybertruck’s shape and stainless steel body could pose a risk to other road users.