Almost Half Of New Cars Sold In Norway Are Now Electric

48.4 percent of the new cars sold there were battery electric vehicles.

Tesla Says Faulty Battery Module Caused Chinese Model S To Combust

Tesla’s investigation showed no “systematic defect” with the car.

Tesla Wants To Build Its Own Battery Cells, Skunkworks Lab Already Working On It

The EV maker is exploring ways of manufacturing battery cells for its vehicles and energy storage systems.

Tesla Model 3 Gets On Vorsteiner’s Radar, Does New Look Suit It?

The tuned electric sedan features new carbon fiber add-ons, different wheels – and not much else.

Tesla Gets Tariff Exemption For Japan-Sourced Aluminum Used In Battery Packs

Tesla is relieved from the 10 per cent tariff on 10,000 tonnes of aluminum for 12 months.

Red Tesla Semi Spotted In California, Check Out Its Tiny Frunk!

The fully electric Tesla Semi is expected to go into production towards the end of next year.

Tesla Model 3 Arrives At Top Gear For A Drag Race With A Twist

The fastest Model 3 goes against the Giulia QV, M3 and C63 S in a half-mile duel.

Researchers Target Tesla Model 3 In Spoofing Attack, Get It To Turn Off The Highway

Navigate on Autopilot appears to be susceptible to GPS spoofing attacks.

Watch A Tesla Model 3 Drive Through The Boring Company’s LA Tunnel

The Boring Company’s LA test tunnel is only wide enough for one vehicle.

James May Thinks The Tesla Model S P100D Is The Greatest Muscle Car Ever

The Tesla Model S P100D is quick but James May isn’t impressed by its interior.

Drivers Believe Tesla’s Autopilot Is Safer Than It Really Is

IIHS found that drivers are having trouble in grasping the limitations of the latest driver assist systems.

Tesla Model 3 Driver Filmed Sleeping Behind The Wheel On Californian Highway

The driver of this Tesla Model 3 was apparently asleep for up to 30 miles.