Hands-Free Porn Movie Filmed In Tesla Model X On Autopilot, Musk Tweets “Shoulda Seen It Coming”

Elon Musk was amused by the Pornhub video filmed in a self-driving Tesla Model X on Autopilot mode.

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Although the tech is promising, it clearly has some way to go before it is actually ready.

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CEO Elon Musk has already made improving Tesla’s service operations a top priority.

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Trying to outrun an all-electric police car could prove a challenge for many criminals.

Infiniti Aquaplanes Across Highway Median Smashing Into Accord And Model 3

The driver of this Infiniti G37 S couldn’t correct the car when it started to slide sideways.

Authorities Investigating Tesla Model S That Caught Fire In San Francisco Garage

Tesla says it doesn’t yet have any indication that an issue with the car started the fire.

Like A Boss: Tesla Model S Driver Ignores Deep Floodwater, Emerges Victorious

The Tesla Model S made it through the deep floodwater without any unwanted consequences — at least for now.

Guardrail Impales Tesla Model 3, Driver Makes It Out Unhurt!

Despite being pierced by the guardrail, the Model 3 still seemed to be in working order.

Tesla Model S Driver Survives Harsh Head-On Collision In Spain

The driver of the Tesla Model S exited the vehicle seemingly unharmed.

Tesla Looking To Raise $2 Billion Selling Stock And Debt

Tesla’s Elon Musk recently suggested that the car company wouldn’t need to raise additional funds.

Tesla Expecting Shortage In Minerals For Electric Vehicle Batteries

The popularity of smart devices will vastly increase their use of the same metals used by the auto industry.

Tesla Sold $200.6 Million In Non-ZEV Credits Last Quarter

Tesla’s sales of non-ZEV credits helped it boost its revenues in the first quarter.