Toyota Corolla Ditches Petrol Option, Becomes Hybrid-Only In The UK

Gone is the turbocharged 1.2-liter petrol, leaving the Toyota Corolla with just a pair of hybrid powertrains to choose from.

WEC’s Top Tier Class To Be Officially Named ‘Le Mans Hypercar’

Teams in the Le Mans Hypercar class have been given unlimited testing mileage for the first year.

2021 Toyota Sienna Grows In Size As It Prepares To Battle The Chrysler Pacifica

Toyota isn’t giving up on the minivan as an all-new Sienna has been spotted in Michigan.

Toyota’s Upcoming Yaris GR-4 Is A Pint-Sized Hot Hatch With AWD

Toyota has confirmed that the 2020 Yaris GR-4 has an all-wheel drive system.

Subaru Caught Testing Mystery BRZ Against Alpine A110 And Mazda MX-5

We’ve spied a mystery Subaru BRZ prototype that has us wondering if it’s a proper hardcore variant.

2020 Supra Is AC Schnitzer’s First Modded Toyota, Boasts 394 HP

This 2020 Toyota GR Supra was also given add-on aero parts and a coil-over suspension.

Toyota GR Supra Spotted At BMW’s M Test Center, Does It Mean Anything?

Fans have been begging for a more powerful Supra and one has been spotted among rows of BMW M models.

These Are The 2020 European Car Of The Year Finalists, Who Will Win?

The jury has trimmed down the list to the 7 final candidates, with the winner to be announced at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Honda Civic And Accord Were The Most Stolen Vehicles Last Year, But Thieves Are Targeting Newer Pickups

The most stolen 2018 model was the GMC Sierra .

Tesla Cybertruck Vs. Detroit’s Traditional Trucks: We’re In The Age Of Robocop Villains

Tesla’s all-electric Cybertruck pickup will go into production in 2021 with 500+ miles of range.

The Toyota GR Supra Heritage Edition Is All We Want For Christmas

The 2020 Toyota GR Supra Heritage Edition is a 500 HP adult-size toy on wheels.

Toyota Supra Mk4 Coming To Forza Horizon 4 On December 12

Despite a previous statement to the contrary, Toyota is eventually bringing the Supra to Microsoft’s game.