Toyota Land Cruiser To Be Dropped In US After 2022?

If you want a hardcore Toyota, you might have to opt for one with a Lexus badge.

Fernando Alonso All But Confirms 2020 Dakar Rally Entry With Toyota

The two-time F1 world champion embarked on a five-month testing program with the Dakar-spec Toyota Hilux.

New Toyota Supra Races Porsche Cayman GTS, Audi TT RS And Alpine A110

Toyota has high aspirations about the all-new Supra – so how does it fare against some of its rivals?.

Expert Engine Builder Believes Stock 2020 Supra Block Can Handle 1,000 HP

The new Supra’s B58 3.0-liter inline-six is shaping up to be a fitting successor to the 2JZ, with lots of tuning potential.

Forget The Prius Prime, Toyota’s Testing A RAV4 Plug-In Hybrid

The upcoming model could have an electric-only range of approximately 30 miles.

2020 Toyota Corolla Goes To The Dark Side With New Nightshade Edition

The new special editions feature a host of black exterior accents.

This Toyota Supra Mk4 Is Powered By A Turbo Cummins 5.9-Liter Diesel

The Toyota Supra was originally powered by the twin-turbocharged 2JZ and a six-speed manual.

Toyota LMP1 Boss Wants To Chase Porsche’s Outright Nurburgring Record

Could the Toyota TS050 beat the Porsche 919 Evo’s record lap of 5:19.546?.

Florida Dealer Listed 2020 Toyota Supra For $200k But Sold It For $100k

A 2020 Toyota Supra Launch Edition was reportedly sold for almost double its MSRP.

Tuned 2020 Toyota Supra Already Setting Low-11 Second Quarter-Mile Times

With a series of small modifications, the 2020 Toyota Supra is reaching supercar-levels of performance.

Would You Buy The Toyota Supra Over The Honda Civic Type R?

The Toyota Supra and Honda Civic Type R have very different prices but are both exceptionally fun to drive.

Texas Tuner To Offer The 6-Speed Manual 2020 Toyota Supra Enthusiasts Want

Converting a 2020 Toyota Supra from an eight-speed auto to a six-speed manual will cost $12k.