One-Off Tuned Peugeot 308 GTi Has Racing-Inspired Looks, 302 PS

The French hot hatch has TCR-like styling, more power, less weight and a reworked chassis.

Army Green Wide-Body Audi RS6 Avant Is Ready For The Apocalypse

This matte green RS6 comes from South Africa and has been fitted with many custom parts.

Off-Road Focused Saleen Sportruck XR Teased With 700+ HP

Based on the Ford F-150, the tuned truck has a special suspension and an optional supercharged engine.

ABT’s Audi RS3 Sportback Is As Quick To 100Km/h As Lamborghini’s Gallardo

The super hot hatch sprints from 0 to 100km/h (62mph) in 3.7sec, topping out at 299km/h (186mph).

AC Schnitzer Helps New BMW i8 Roadster Improve Its Stance

The German tuner has brought BMW’s i8 Roadster closer to the road by approximately 20-25 mm.

New Audi A7 V6 TFSI, Now With 25 Percent More Power And Oversized Wheels From ABT

The tuned Audi A7 Sportback has 425PS and large 22-inch rims.

Modded Chevy Truck Might Be The Craziest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

Your eyes are not deceiving you: this is a truly weird-looking Chevrolet truck.

This Chrysler 300C Is The Definition Of A Badge Whore

The only way you might not be able to tell this is a Chrysler is if you’re hovering directly above it.

Glohh Unveils New Taillight System For Range Rover Sport

The new taillights feature an active light sequence dubbed Dynamic Start-Up Display.

Customized Nissan GT-R Gets Adjustable Suspension, Bronze Rims

Thankfully, the ride height can be jacked up, or else it would scrape the underside in even the tiniest imperfection.

This VW Golf R Has An Audi RS3 Engine With 600 Horses

The tuned hot hatch ran the 1/2-mile in 18 seconds.

Wald-Tuned Toyota Land Cruiser Looks Ready To Star In A Rap Video

The tuned SUV can be had with two different body kits, new wheels, brakes and a custom exhaust.