Doctors Try To Skip Traffic By Driving The Opposite Way, Cyclist Makes Them Turn Around

This cyclist demanded the driver reversed his path and went the right way around – and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Uber And Volvo Unveil Production-Ready, Fully Autonomous XC90

By 2025, Volvo expects at least one-third of all its new cars to feature fully autonomous tech.

Volvo Makes Roadside Towing Free Of Charge For U.S. Customers

Volvo’s Tow for Life program is now available for free regardless of how old your car is.

Volvo Joins European Data Task Force That Wants To Make Our Roads Safer

This pilot project brings together some of Europe’s leading automakers and service providers.

Volvo Wants To Develop Future Cars Using Augmented Reality

Volvo teamed up with Varjo and created a mixed-reality tech to evaluate prototypes.

Volvo CEO Says Potential U.S.-Europe Trade War Is “Worrying”

Volvo is concerned despite plans to start building 150,000 vehicles annually in the U.S..

Car Manufacturers Use Crash-Scene Investigators To Improve Vehicle Safety

Volvo has been using its own on-site investigators since the 1970s in Sweden.

2019 Volvo S60 T5 Might Be All-New, But It Fails To Impress

Consumer Reports paid $47k for their new S60, but Volvo’s sports sedan did not win them over.

Volvo Inks Huge Battery Deal, Secures Supply For Next Decade

Volvo wants electric vehicles to make up 50 percent of its global sales by 2025.

Volvo Wouldn’t Say No To Smaller, Sub-40-Series Models

CEO Hakan Samuelsson hinted towards a possible Audi Q2 rival that would slot under the XC40.

Need Help After An Accident? There’s A Volvo App For That Too

Volvo USA’s Car Accident Advisor will help keep you informed and in control after a crash.

Volvo Reportedly Laying Off Several Hundred Employees, Production Won’t Be Affected

Volvo said they’re taking actions, adding that this decision will primarily affect consultants.