Ford CEO Says Company Is “Turning The Corner” After Lackluster 2018

Jim Hackett also said Ford is on track to launch an autonomous car for commercial use in 2021.

Self-Driving Cars Should Be Able To Pull Over For The Police

Companies like Waymo are already trying to ensure autonomous vehicles respond to police instructions.

Apple’s Autonomous Vehicles Travel Just 1.1 Miles Between Disengagements

Mercedes only clocked 1.5 miles between disengagements.

Tesla Announces It Is Not Testing Autonomous Cars In California

Apart from simulation and test tracks, Tesla also has access to all the data gathered by the cars it has sold.

World’s Largest Parade Of Autonomous Cars Happened, Fittingly, In China

You can trust the Chinese, in this case Changan Automobile, to pull off a perfectly executed parade.

Amazon Throws Its Hat Into Autonomous Driving Ring With Aurora Investment

Amazon invests in company developing Level 4 autonomous vehicles with Hyundai .

JLR’s New Intelligent Lights Show Pedestrians Where Autonomous Vehicle Is Heading

The smart system lights up the road ahead to inform pedestrians where the car will go.

Hyundai MOBIS’ Autonomous Concept Lights Up CES In The Name Of Safety

The Hyundai concept features an assortment of lights designed to show its intentions to pedestrians.

Udelv’s Newton Autonomous Delivery Van Is Ready To Deliver Your Walmart Orders

The all-new van features a Level 4 autonomous driving system and can travel hundreds of miles away from its base of operations.

Toyota’s ‘Guardian’ Safety System Helps Drivers, Doesn’t Replace Them

The Guardian system should arrive well before fully autonomous vehicles and requires a human driver at all times.

Leave Jeeves At Home, Toyota And Lexus Are Developing A Chauffeur Mode

The new P4 prototype is based on the Lexus LS and will be used to develop two autonomous driving systems.

Waymo’s Autonomous Cars And Drivers Are Being Attacked In Arizona

Not all Arizonans like companies like Waymo testing self-driving vehicles on local streets.