Waymo Taking Its Autonomous Prototypes To Florida For Hurricane Season Testing

Waymo says heavy rain represents a unique challenge to developing sensors for its autonomous driving systems .

Lyft Makes Its Self-Driving Research Data Available To The Public

This includes over 55,000 three-dimensional frames from cameras, Lidar and radar systems installed on its research fleet of autonomous cars.

Continental Says Fully Autonomous Cars May Not Arrive Before 2030

Tech needs to be improved, regulation put in place and the public must trust them – and that will take time.

Aston Martin Is Ready For The World Of Shared Autonomous Vehicles

Aston Martin could use its high-end Lagonda models for exclusive ride-sharing fleets.

China’s Baidu Partners With Geely And Toyota On AI Tech

The Chinese giant has secured more than 130 partnerships for its Apollo autonomous vehicle platform.

Japan’s Softbank Invests $2.25 Billion In GM’s Cruise Autonomous Unit

GM’s Cruise self-driving division has raised a total of $7.25 billion in capital since last year.

Waymo Given The Go-Ahead To Pick Up Passengers With Autonomous Vehicles In California

Waymo already operates an autonomous ride-hailing fleet pilot in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ford CEO Says Company Is “Turning The Corner” After Lackluster 2018

Jim Hackett also said Ford is on track to launch an autonomous car for commercial use in 2021.

Self-Driving Cars Should Be Able To Pull Over For The Police

Companies like Waymo are already trying to ensure autonomous vehicles respond to police instructions.

Apple’s Autonomous Vehicles Travel Just 1.1 Miles Between Disengagements

Mercedes only clocked 1.5 miles between disengagements.

Tesla Announces It Is Not Testing Autonomous Cars In California

Apart from simulation and test tracks, Tesla also has access to all the data gathered by the cars it has sold.

World’s Largest Parade Of Autonomous Cars Happened, Fittingly, In China

You can trust the Chinese, in this case Changan Automobile, to pull off a perfectly executed parade.