AC Schnitzer’s BMW i8 Is A Police Car People Will Actually Be Happy To See

That’s because it’s not really a police car but a poster vehicle for Germany’s “Tune It! Safe!” campaign.

BMW Drops Range Extender Option As i3 Gains Bigger Battery

Ironically, the range extender is rendered useless by the thing that made it necessary in the first place: the battery pack.

iX3 Concept Previews BMW’s Entry In The Premium Electric SUV Niche

BMW’s i family will soon welcome an SUV, which is currently displayed as a concept in Paris.

BMW Vision iNext Shows The Way Forward For A New Electric SUV

After an endless stream of teasers and previews, BMW has taken the veil off its futuristic Vision iNext autonomous electric crossover, set to reach production in 2021.

BMW i Andretti Motorsport Reveals Factory-Backed Formula E Contender

BMW claims that its new electric powertrain will influence future “i” production models.

BMW Releases Another Cagey Vision iNext Teaser

Watch carefully and you can see the undisguised rear end of BMW’s forthcoming electric crossover concept before it takes flight.

BMW Hands Over The Very First i8 Roadsters

These 18 BMW i8 Roadsters feature some custom touches.

BMW Previews iNEXT Concept To Debut Later This Year

BMW provided the first glimpse at the iNEXT concept it’s slated to reveal later this year and put into production by 2021.

BMW Concept iX3 Ushers In A New Era Of Electric Bimmers In Beijing

Conceptual electric version of the BMW X3 heralds a new generation of EVs to come from Bavaria.

BMW Might Be Planning A Mini-Based i1

The BMW i1 would be larger than the current i3.

BMW’s i3 and i8 May Not Live Past Their Current Generation

These two weren’t developed with other variants in mind, and that will probably be their downfall.

BMW Says Upcoming i4 Will Travel Up To 435 Miles On A Single Charge

BMW’s i4 all-electric family sedan should arrive sometime around 2020.