Idaho Trooper Nearly Struck While Investigating Another Crash

The ISP trooper walked away unscathed after an oncoming driver slammed into the crash scene.

Driver Manages To Avoid Kia Sorento That Spins After Hitting Metal Divider

This incident took place in Chattanooga and, thankfully, the driver of the Sorento wasn’t hurt.

BMW 3-Series Driver Triggers Pile-Up In California

This video shows why it is so important to drive defensively in order to stay safe.

Distracted Ford F-150 Driver Causes Shocking Pile-Up On Oklahoma Highway

The reckless man driving the older Ford F-150 was reportedly seen looking at his phone moments before the crash.

Two Ladas Collide At High Speed, One Of Them Rolls Over As A Result

Two Ladas going way over the speed limit and one of them making an extremely aggressive move; small surprise it turned out badly.

Cammer Masterfully Avoids Tumbling Dump Truck In Russia

The dump truck thankfully didn’t hit any cars once it broke through to the opposite lane.

Ram Pickup Runs Red Light And Flips Other Vehicle

The cammer can be seen trying to grab a small dog that was inside one of the pickup trucks.

Chevy Equinox Driver Makes Illegal U-Turn On Railway, Gets Hit By Oncoming Train

Traffic law and common sense dictate that, when there’s a red light at a railway crossing (and everyone else is waiting) you just don’t do this.

Volvo XC90 Veers Off Its Lane, Crashes Into Ford Mustang Head-On

The old lady driving the Volvo suffered some medical problem, but the good thing is that everyone walked out of it with just minor injuries.

Accidental PIT Maneuver Leads To Rollover Crash

A not so subtle reminder to check your surrounding before changing lanes.

Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Driver Runs Red Light, Spins Out Of Control

The driver of the Caddy appears to have been going a little too quickly as he approached the intersection.

Toyota Camry Driver Loses Control While Chasing BMW 5-Series, Crashes Big Time

The scary high-speed crash took place in Russia and, thankfully, there were no casualties despite its severity.